Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Jazz

Jay had the opportunity to go to Utah on a school trip and they went to a Utah Jazz game. They were there eariler in the day for a sports conference and then went to the game. They got their really early that's why there aren't very many people there! He had a blast and I was jealous!

This is a picture of me talking to someone about our program.

Disconnect to Reconnect

So during the Winter semester I was in a Health Communications major. We had to come up with a promotion and promote it to someone and get it approved. We went to the Social Activities department on campus and they approved it and sponsored us. We came up with an idea called Disconnect to Disconnect. Our idea was to have people disconnect from their cell phones and i-pods and reconnect with the people around them and their surroundings. Some people really liked it of course others didn't but we knew that's how it would be. Here are a few pictures from when we were promoting it in the MC to the students walking by. We made t-shirts, magnets, flyers, posters and handed out the flyers when students walked by.