Thursday, July 1, 2010


So a few weeks back I heard about a thing called "Bountiful Baskets". I heard it was really neat and something I should try. So I looked into it. Basically you go online on Monday night and order a basket. You pay online for the basket and then on Saturday morning you go and pick it up. The produce is from CA and there are different pick up locations you can go to get it. For the basic basket (which I got) it cost $15, then with tax it was $16.50. The pictures below show what we got in our basket! We were very impressed with it. It is such a neat thing and so cheap for so much produce! Each week the produce is different. But you always get 6 fruits and 6 vegetables. The produce tastes so good also. We have loved eating it!

Karlee Update

So, since my last post there have been so many changes.
1. In my last post I mentioned starting the rice cereal with Karlee... well we tried it and she LOVES it! The first night she was so excited about it and ate it right up. She didn't spit any of it out. She wanted more and more.
2. Karlee LOVES her toes and grabs them anytime she can. She also loves to suck on her toes.
3. Karlee found her thumb... she wants to suck her thumb all the time now. I don't think I want this though. I hear it is pretty hard to get rid of the thumb sucking habit. What do you all think?
4. Karlee started sitting up about 2 weeks ago. It is so fun to see her sitting up. She loves sitting and seeing and experiencing things in a new way.
5. Karlee is VERY ticklish now. Her feet and belly are so ticklish. And I tickle her all the time just so I can hear her laugh, it is so cute!
6. Karlee is finally fitting comfotably into 3-6 month clothes! (She will be 6 months on July 11th.)
7. I had my birthday a few weeks ago. My friend Maurine, and her sister Lyla came up for the weekend to visit. They loved Karlee, and Karlee loved them!
8. There is only 3 weeks of school left! AND UNTIL I GRADUATE! I also got asked to give the scripture at convocation!
9. We are finally getting everything all worked out for our move to Virginia at the end of July! We are getting so anxious and excited to go.
10. It has finally decided to turn to summer in Rexburg! We have finally had some nice days this past week!
There have been so many fun things going on, and so much to come. Life is wonderful and busy. Here are some pictures. Sorry I don't have one of her sitting right now.
We went to dinner when they came to visit

Naked baby
Karlee is a messy eater... so we eat with no clothes on!

Karlee loves her toes!

Maurine came to visit for by birthday weekend

LOVES the rice cereal