Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Visit in April

My family came out to visit us! My mom, dad, sister, and her two kids came out for about a week. It was so much fun to have them come. We were all crammed into our little two bedroom apartment, but it was a blast. It was so good to finally see my little nephew, well he isn't so little. He is adorable, and Alexa has grown up so much. On Friday, me and Jay and Karlee and mom and dad took a day trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a fun day. Elise and her kids went down to Utah Friday morning to see family. Then on Saturday Elise and her husband Kodiak and the kids came back up. Jay's family also came into town on Saturday. We all went to dinner to celebrate three birthdays, an anniversary (mine and Jay's) and Karlee's blessing. It was a lot of fun. Then, on Sunday April 11th, we blessed Karlee at church. Jay gave a beautiful blessing. Then, everyone came back to our house and changed and got on the road. It was so much fun spending time with family. This week has been my break from school. The semester ended on the 9th. Jay and I start back to school again on Tuesday, April 20th, not much of a break. This will be my last semester, and I will graduate!!! YAY! Anyways, life is great. Karlee is getting so big and is sleeping through the night now. It is wonderful! We love our little girl to pieces! Enjoy the pictures!
Before they all left
Jay and I and the kids

Me with all the kids

Elise, the proud aunt!

Mom and Dad with Karlee before they left

Karlee's blessing day

Karlee was the life of the party! NOT!

Alexa loves that cupcake

Elise trying to blow her candle out by blowing a bubble with gum

Friendly bear in Jackson Hole

Neat statue in Jackson Hole

Arches made from antlers


A few weeks ago we went down to Utah to go to Jay's mission reunion. It was on a Friday night. So we left Rexburg at about 11:45am and went to Idaho Falls to pick up one of his old companions. We went to the reunion and had a good time. But when we left that night to drive back, we hit some very bad weather. It was a stinkin blizzard. We were going about 35 mph instead of 75 mph coming home. It took so long to get back. We could barely see 5 feet in front of us. I am just so glad that Karlee slept the whole time in the car. Here are some pictures from the runion.

Steven and Jay with Karlee

Steven, Jay, Karlee and Andrew

Me, Jay and Karlee, and Steven and Melanie