Friday, December 18, 2009

Major Update!

Sorry everyone it has been soooo long since I have wrote on here. School and work and being pregnant completely wears me out everyday. But the semester is now done, I completed another 19 credits! Only 14.5 more to go, so I graduate in April! We are so excited for Christmas and are spending it with Jay's family this year. They live in Boise (they moved from Florida last year). So, I went to the doctor this morning and come to find out I have lost weight. I am 34 weeks along now and have gained a total of 11 pounds. They told me to enjoy the holidays! AKA, EAT! haha. I am getting so excited for our little one to come. I can't believe how close it is getting! Well, I never got the picture up last time I promised, so here you go! Here is a picture from this week. I feel so big and think I look big in the picture. But, the doctor keeps saying, "you don't have much of a torso and you are so short that it doesn't have anywhere to go but out!" So, it is all going out haha, but not much weight gain. So, I hope you enjoy the picture, finally... I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Update

So, I really can't believe that I am now 23 weeks along. Time has really gone by fast now that I am back in school. Things are going well so far. She is very active and I feel her kicking all the time now. Jay actually felt her for the first time the other day too, that was really neat for him. We have gone on a couple shopping sprees since finding out the gender; it has been sooooo much fun! School is very hard this semester and I am really having a hard time keeping my head above the water between my 18 credits in school and working 15 hours a week. I am also taking all of my last hard classes before the baby comes. So this semester is very hard, but I know it will be worth it next semester when she comes! I know I need to put up a picture, everyone keeps asking me to. I will do it soon I promise! Jay is also doing well. He is working more than full time and staying busy with that. He has been such a big help around the house each evening when I am so busy with homework. He is such a wonderful husband and I know he will be a great daddy also!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a........

So on Tuesday September 15th I had my 20 week ultrasound. The doctor checked everything to make sure everything looked good. He kept saying how active the baby was and it was just moving around like crazy. Then, what we have all been waiting for, he told us what we will be having..... and.... it's.... a..... GIRL!!! I was so happy, I didn't care either way... Jay on the other hand was a little um shocked I guess I should say. I think he was a little dissapointed, he really wanted a boy. But afterwards we went to eat and went shopping and found a few cute outfits. He kept looking at the girl things and saying "this is cute"! Then today he told me how he really felt. He told me he was dissapointed, but today he is SOOOO EXCITED to have a little girl! I am so excited to have a little girl and think of what the future will hold!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Changing Life

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated on here. I really haven't had a whole to to talk about lately. Jay finished his summer semester back in July and has been enjoying his break from school. It has been nice to have our evenings free of homework and work. We have been able to do a few fun things during the break. I go back to school on September 10th and am actually kind of excited to go back to school. I only have the Fall and Winter semesters left and then I graduate in April! I am very excited about that. So I'm pretty sure most if not all of you know that Jay and I are expecting our first baby on February 2, 2010. We are so excited and happy. We have been wanting to know what the gender is ever since we found out and it is finally getting closer. But, when Elise (my sister) had her little baby boy on Thursday morning it just made me want to know even more and made Jay and I even more excited for our little one to come. I have my appointment on September 15th and hopefully our little one will cooperate so we can find out if it's a boy or girl! Jay is really hoping for a boy and I really don't have an opinion although he will be happy with either! :) We are enjoying life and everything it brings our way. I promise it won't take me this long to post something again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Pictures

So when we went to mom and dad's in May we took some family pictures, here are a few of them!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Help me!

This is what happens when your husband is taking a Sports Medicine class! He had to practice all of his tapping jobs for his test. This isn't even all of them... just what he did at the moment. I have looked like this a lot during this semester. It has been fun!

Coloring Easter Eggs

This is my mom and her mom!

I hadn't got myself ready yet...

Mom and Alexa coloring eggs.

Look at that face, so cute!

She had so much fun!

Mom was sad that she didn't get to color Easter eggs with Alexa on Easter, so me, mom, and Alexa did Easter eggs the day I was leaving to come back. Here are a few cute pictures from the fun event!

Cute Cute!

Here is a picture of my brother Christopher and his girlfriend Jessi. She is so sweet and we all really like her! Good choice bro!

May Trip to Virginia!

Jay and I had the opportunity to go to

Virginia to my parents over Memorial Day Weekend. Not only was it just a fun family get together we were celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! It was so neat to experience this wonderful occassion! Elise made the beautiful cake and it was very tasty! It was so wonderful to have everyone there! Elise and Kodiak and Alexa came in from Chicago, me and Jay came in from Idaho and my brother was there as well! It was a wonderful weekend and we were able to make great memories and have fun together! Here are just a few pictures from while we were there!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Jazz

Jay had the opportunity to go to Utah on a school trip and they went to a Utah Jazz game. They were there eariler in the day for a sports conference and then went to the game. They got their really early that's why there aren't very many people there! He had a blast and I was jealous!

This is a picture of me talking to someone about our program.

Disconnect to Reconnect

So during the Winter semester I was in a Health Communications major. We had to come up with a promotion and promote it to someone and get it approved. We went to the Social Activities department on campus and they approved it and sponsored us. We came up with an idea called Disconnect to Disconnect. Our idea was to have people disconnect from their cell phones and i-pods and reconnect with the people around them and their surroundings. Some people really liked it of course others didn't but we knew that's how it would be. Here are a few pictures from when we were promoting it in the MC to the students walking by. We made t-shirts, magnets, flyers, posters and handed out the flyers when students walked by.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here are a few pictures from when we went to Virginia for Christmas with my family. Some from the sites in Washington D.C. and also Jay's birthday! We had a great time there.

Our Busy Lives

So, I created this blog back in January...As you can see there hasn't been anything else added since. Jay and I are so busy with school and work and trying to have some fun on the side. Jay is working at Taylor Chevrolet and I am working at the Testing Center at school. We work opposite schedules so it makes it tough, but we do our best to make time for each other too. We both have a difficult school schedule but are both doing well in our classes. I will really try my best to update this more often. I love looking at every one else's blogs, it is so much fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally got one!

Hey guys I finally decided to make a blog. I don't have time to put anything on right now, but I will keep you posted when I get something up.