Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Help me!

This is what happens when your husband is taking a Sports Medicine class! He had to practice all of his tapping jobs for his test. This isn't even all of them... just what he did at the moment. I have looked like this a lot during this semester. It has been fun!

Coloring Easter Eggs

This is my mom and her mom!

I hadn't got myself ready yet...

Mom and Alexa coloring eggs.

Look at that face, so cute!

She had so much fun!

Mom was sad that she didn't get to color Easter eggs with Alexa on Easter, so me, mom, and Alexa did Easter eggs the day I was leaving to come back. Here are a few cute pictures from the fun event!

Cute Cute!

Here is a picture of my brother Christopher and his girlfriend Jessi. She is so sweet and we all really like her! Good choice bro!

May Trip to Virginia!

Jay and I had the opportunity to go to

Virginia to my parents over Memorial Day Weekend. Not only was it just a fun family get together we were celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! It was so neat to experience this wonderful occassion! Elise made the beautiful cake and it was very tasty! It was so wonderful to have everyone there! Elise and Kodiak and Alexa came in from Chicago, me and Jay came in from Idaho and my brother was there as well! It was a wonderful weekend and we were able to make great memories and have fun together! Here are just a few pictures from while we were there!