Thursday, January 6, 2011

Other stuff!

We decided to do a little birthday thing for Karlee before we left. She LOVES pizza so we had pizza for dinner and then cake and ice cream. She wasn't so sure what to do with the cake but she quickly figured it out! I can't believe she will be 1 in just a few days on the 11th! She is growing up so fast!
Not so sure what to do

Singing!!! Not a pretty cake, but a thrown together in a short time impromptu cake!

Figured it out for sure!

The after shot!
Our drive back to Idaho went a lot better then we were both thinking it would! Karlee was a champ and did such a great job! We left Virginia on Thursday afternoon and got to Rexburg, Idaho on Saturday afternoon 46 hours later!!! We only stopped on Friday night for about 9 hours to get a few hours of sleep and mainly to be off the roads on New Years Eve. She only had a coupld break downs and those didn't even start until Friday evening. We bought car DVD players on Black Friday to use on this trip and man they were a life saver. She has never been interested in tv or movies at all. But she was totally into it on this trip. Probably because it was right in front of her face and she couldn't do anything. She loved Elmo! We got all of our stuff out of our storage unit on Saturday night thanks to a few of our friends and people from our ward who came to help! We are all moved in and loving our new apartment. We are still trying to get used to the time change again, but we are getting there. I will get some pictures up of our apartment soon for you all to see! In the mean time... I am home all day long with Karlee and love it, but at the same time I do get a little bored and lonely throughout the day. So if you are here in Rexburg, I would love to get together during the day some time!


  1. She is oh so cute! Man that's scary about the pneumonia! I don't like that at all!