Saturday, August 20, 2011

lots of PICTURES!

So if you haven't read my post before this post full of pictures... it might help to go and read that first so that these pictures make sense!

She LOVES the bath!
Eating her very OWN ice cream cone!
On the boat at our family reunion at Callaway Gardens
The whole family
My dad and nephew

My brother, sister, and brother-in-law
My mom, me, and Jay
Me, my niece, and my mom
Tree Top Adventure, zip-line
Tree Top Adventure
My mom with her grandkids
Our little family at the Butterfly Center
They were all so beautiful
Our day spent in Salt Lake City- SLC temple
Pretty Girl!
Having fun in the car on the wat to Utah
Our hike with our friends, Dan, Diana, and Mia Wyler
the boys and the babies
at the top of the mountain
Enjoying the 4th of July parade
She had a blast!
Just a chill Saturday
She loves being on the computer with daddy
Rockin daddy's hat and phone
she loves helping with the dishes
at the PARK!!!
At the Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho
at the park in Boise, Idaho (visiting grandma and grandpa C)

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  1. Looking at your pictures make me miss you all more!!!
    I keep telling myself it's only a few more months!